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  • Volvo OE Spark Plugs

    Posted on February 13, 2016 by admin

    We are now stocking a good range of Volvo Original Equipment Spark Plugs The range starts from the early Volvo 240 series up to the later XC90 series. For the complete range of spark plugs we now stock follow the link here

    Volvo Spark PLUGS Volvo Spark Plugs

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  • Volvo Exhaust Brackets

    Posted on January 7, 2016 by admin

    Charlton Volvo Centre are now stocking a comprehensive range of Volvo Exhaust Brackets.

    for the following makes: Volvo 850 S40 V50 S60 V70 XC70 & XC90


    We offer a next day delivery service and dispatch daily Monday to Friday.

    60mm Exhaust Bracket

    For the complete range of our exhaust brackets please follow the link here



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  • Charlton Volvo Centre Now Stocking Air Flow Meters

    Posted on May 19, 2014 by admin

    Charlton Volvo Centre Now Stocking Air Flow Meters

    The Air flow meter also be called
    • Maf
    • Mass air flow meter
    • Air mass meter
    • Mass air flow sensor
    • Air mass sensor
    • Air flow meter
    The Air mass meter sensor is fitted after the the air filter box .The meter  senses how much air passes through the sensor. The hot wire Maf measures resistance to current required to maintain the hot wire's temperature (an indicator of air flow).  The cars Maf measures the difference in temperature across an electronic membrane's upstream and downstream sides.
    The Maf sensor measures how much air is passing into the engine, this let's the cars ECU uses the information
    to regulate the correct amount of fuel to the engine.Fault Finding Problems:A faulty air flow meter will cause the ECU unit to deliver too much or too little fuel to the injectors.
    A petrol car will run badly with no air flow signal because they have to be within a narrow band of delivered air/fuel mixture to run smoothly compared to diesel engines. A diesel car can run without the air flow meter but the performance will be poor and the engine will feel sluggish and will have a lack of power.
    The usual symptoms that you will encounter from a faulty air mass meter are poor performance, a lack of power and inconsistent or rough idle speeds.
    Air mass meters deteriorate with age and as they do so they will send out the wrong information to the Ecu.
    The most common causes of failure are as a result of water or dirt entering the intake hose, therefore it is important to ensure replacement of the air filter at the recommended service intervals.
    It's also important to have an airtight intake hose after the air flow meter because the amount of metered air won't be correct if its leaking out of a damaged or split hose! Air leaks are called vacuum leaks. If these air leaks are not repaired you could be changing the air flow meter for no reason.Lack of power could also be caused by other sensors or components such as the following:
    Faulty EGR valvePressure converterLambda/oxygen sensorsClogged air filter

    Split turbo hoses

    Split vacuum hoses/pipes

    Crankcase breather valve

    Fuel pressure sensor

    For Further Information On Our Range Of Air Flow Meters Please Follow The Link Here

    Air Flow Meter Air Flow Meter

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    Posted on December 14, 2013 by admin


    Charlton Volvo Centre Are Now Stocking A Wide Selection Of Volvo Aftermarket Mudflaps -Mud Guards.

    The Volvo XC60 splash guards are high end custom molded specifically designed for the Volvo XC60. This is for the Volvo enthusiast who wants a custom fit splash guard.

    Here are some of the benefits to fitting our range of Splash Guards:

    • Withstands extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures
    • Helps to protect against dirt, stones, and tar
    • Solid, Flexible material
    • Stylish and improves the look of the car
    • Easy to fit / install

    The kit is supplied with 4 splash guards with fixing bolts and washers.

    To fit the splash guards you will require a socket set and a posidrive socket.

    1) Clean the surrounding area with warm water to remove any debris or mud.

    2) Remove the pre-drilled posidrive screws from the bodywork, there are 3 screws per mudflap.

    3) Simply place the mudguard into position and install the 3 screws and tighten securely to  the bodywork.

    The following Video Uploaded By Youtube Username Volvosweden gives a clear picture of what is involved, the Volvo original mudguards fitted here are for the Volvo XC70 model and the fitting method is the same for the Volvo XC60.

    Volvo Mudguards Volvo XC60 Mudguards Mudflaps

    For our full range of Mudguards and further information please follow the link here

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  • Volvo Sliding Window Blocks

    Posted on October 30, 2013 by admin


    Charlton Volvo Centre are now supplying Volvo window regulator sliding block clips for most Volvo models.

    If your window is jammed or juddering it is most likely the sliding block clips that are worn or broken.

    This is a relatively easy repair job for the average DIY car enthusiast.

    Following the instructions in your Haynes or workshop manual remove the door panel to gain access to the clips.

    The clips are secured by a metal pin that can be removed and installed by a pair of long nose pliers and a small ball point hammer.

    Fitting is a reversal of the above, test the window operation before re-installing the door interior panel.

    For Further Information Regarding Our Sliding Window Blocks Please follow The Link Here

    Volvo Sliding Blocks Volvo Sliding Blocks

    Volvo Window Blocks Pair Volvo Window Blocks Pair

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